Victor Leclaire

French, 1830-1885 Biography

Victor Leclaire was a flower painter, born in Paris in 1830. He was a pupil of his brother, the painter Leon-Louis Leclaire. Although Leclaire painted genre and still life subjects, it was his florals that are most exceptional, and also the subject matter he chose to exhibit.

He began exhibiting his work in the Paris Salon in 1861 and continued in 1867 exhibiting Fleurs de Bois (Flowers of the Woods) and Fleurs d’Automne (Autumn Flowers), in 1872 Fleurs (Flowers) and Fleurs de Pommiers (Apple Blossoms), in 1873 Aubépine (Hawthorne), in 1875 Fleurs, in 1879 Fleurs d’Hiver (Winter Flowers) and Fleurs d’Automne (Autumn Flowers), and in 1880 Fleurs de Champs (Wildflowers). He also exhibited Fleurs at the Limoges Salon in 1879. He was awarded medals at the Salons in 1879 and 1881. His Fleurs d’Automne was purchased by the State in 1879 for the Musée d’Amiens.

Museum of Reims, France
Museum of Tourcoing, France
Museum of Luxembourg, Paris
Museum of Amiens, France